Measuring Success

We take immense pride in helping organizations find the right talent, structure, strategy, and performance management that result the biggest impact they can create. Not only are we proud of the work we do, but we exceed industry standards in many of our service areas:

According to a recent study conducted by Clockwork Recruiting, analyzing over 23,000 anonymized retained Executive Search projects between January 2015 and August 2018, the global average placement rate for the retained executive search industry is 71%. We knew better was possible: OE’s cumulative placement rate is 93%.

Retention rates for those placements within their organizations can be another metric of success. While at a certain point, a person’s departure has little to do with the search firm’s efforts, we believe it’s worth at least monitoring a one-year horizon. For OE’s executive searches, an average of 97% of our placements are still with their organizations after the first year.

The quotes below refer to our previous brand, S&C.

Emphasis on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At OE, we know there is an inarguable business case for diversity, equity and inclusion. Simply put: more diverse representation achieve greater results. We practice what we preach having been entrusted to place executive leaders in a number of organizations that have the explicit missions of promoting equity and diversity, and we are deliberate and intentional in our efforts to attract a diverse pool of talent to each and every one of our listed roles. To be transparent, we believe that our recent placement record serves as a reflection of our commitment to strengthening diversity among our clients. Since 2015, approximately two-thirds of OE’s hired finalists have been women, one-third have been people of color, and one-quarter of have been women of color. We’ll continue to do the work to make these numbers even more inclusive and equitable.

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