Overview of Structure Services

With our Structure Services, we can work together on your Organizational Design, Board Development, and Performance Culture to build the framework for your business to be set up for success, creating the most impact in your issue space.

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Organizational Design

A good organizational design aligns talent, capacity, and expertise with organizational and program strategies. It helps to promote a positive workplace, and enables everyone to have a hand in achieving your vision. This is easy to explain, but without the right structure, difficult to accomplish.

Solves for:

  • Inefficient use of talent
  • Poor quality of products and services
  • Low morale or burnout

As with any engagement, OE begins an organizational design process with comprehensive research into your goals and strategies, human capital and talent, leadership styles, resources, brand, and culture. Once we have a solid understanding of all the moving parts, and particularly of the articulation among those parts, we create an effective and efficient organizational design that ensures that the right people are strategically assigned to precisely the right tasks and have the time they need to succeed.

Flowing directly from organizational strategy, program strategy and execution is where you interact directly with your stakeholders and customers, and where you make the change you seek in the world. This process involves allocating critical resources effectively, and aligning staff expectations around how to most effectively achieve desired objectives. Using the OE Strategic Planning framework, we can support your organization in designing and implementing strong program strategies that help you achieve the change you seek.

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Board Design

Strong boards operate at precisely the right altitude helping set strategies, acting as governors and fiduciaries, and allowing organizational staff to do what they do best – execute. Board Design engagements also help to ensure the right leadership is in the room, and that internal board processes and procedures are efficient, productive, and healthy.

Solves for:

  • Lack of internal cohesion at the highest level
  • Lack of board awareness about their proper roles and responsibilities
  • Stress or tension between leadership and the board

At present, there are very few high-functioning Boards of Directors working in the mission-driven sector. Once they’ve gone through OE’s comprehensive Board Development services, however, your Directors wil collectivelyl possess the key attributes of a high functioning governing and fiduciary body.

Through the process, your Board will find internal alignment and cohesion around their roles and their organization’s strategic goals, understanding their role in the greater organization, and how they can use their talents to accomplish your mission without overstepping. They’ll find a healthy internal balance and diversity among talents, expertise, and background for future board members and they’ll also learn how to engage with the CEO or Executive Director in greater harmony, eliminating any unnecessary tension through clear responsibilities. And, as the overarching governing body, they’ll learn how to help measure performance against your big picture, strategic goals.

In short, the Board of Directors will become an enhancement to their organization’s mission, and ultimately to the lives of crucial stakeholders.

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Performance Culture

Solid performance management frameworks for leadership and staff can connect culture, values, strategies and individual goals to daily actions. This gives all parties the knowledge they need to improve continuously.

Solves for:

  • Staff review processes that fail to motivate people and fail to inform managers about who is actually performing
  • Disconnect between staff reviews and organizational performance against strategic plan
  • Disconnect between performance and compensation, incentives, and rewards

OE has created a powerful performance management framework that includes Core Values, Professional Practices and Key Factors for Success by position. This framework allows you to clearly set expectations at each level and function area of your organization, enabling effective and targeted performance evaluation regardless of position or seniority. After implementation of this framework, management can tie human performance directly to strategic goals, reflect the organization’s culture precisely, and help to improve both performance and morale.

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