Consulting Services at OE

At OE Consulting, we take a holistic approach to understanding your organization so we can offer solutions that advance your mission. Our consulting services focus on some of the most critical issues and also opportunities that our clients experience: talent, structure, strategy, and performance. We are rigorous about studying your objectives, pain points, ecosystem, and team. We then provide the experience and support you need to strengthen crucial facets of your organization— identifying and cultivating exceptional talent, redesigning structure and culture, developing practical strategies, and creating powerful, practical ways to measure and manage your performance—all with the goal of creating lasting impact in your sector.

Explore our four consulting service areas that can work independently or hand-in-hand, creating the change your organization needs to work smarter.

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Talent and Executive Search Services

While we're proud to maintain an industry-leading success rate for our Executive Search capacity, our Talent Services extend beyond search. Our Leadership Development practice and Succession Planning services ensure the investment you make in building your team pays dividends in the longer run.

Find + Grow Top Talent

Organizational Structure Services

Organizational Design, Board Development, and Performance Culture touch every aspect of your business. When all are optimized, your organization thrives. Explore our Structure Services to ensure your organization is set up for success and creating as much positive change as possible.

Optimize Your Structures
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Strategy Planning Services

Our Strategy Services can bring an extra layer of objectivity and insight to your team that pave the way for long-term success. Focusing on Strategic Planning, Business Growth, and Programs Design, our team ensures your organization is unified around a smart path forward.

Explore Strategic Offerings

Performance Services

OE creates simple, powerful tools and frameworks to help you both understand and manage your impact performance. We take into account the quantitative, qualitative, and human aspects of evaluation, and most importantly, help you translate your findings into strategy and action.

Evaluate & Manage Your Impact
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Consulting FAQ

How do I know if my organization needs consulting services?

The three factors to consider are: expertise, capacity, and opportunity cost. You probably need consulting support if you do not have the in-house expertise to solve for whatever you are working on, if you do not have the time to work on it, or if the time you would have to invest threatens to detract from other crucial activities. One way to get clarity is to pick up the phone and speak with us. We will help you think things through, and would never recommend that you enter into a contract with us unless we believed we could add a good deal of value.

What do consulting services include?

One thing our consulting services definitely include is free, in-depth consultation from the get-go in order to determine whether there is a fit. If there is a fit, we can help you engage hard-to-find talent, and ensure that your strategy, organizational structures, and people are aligned and working in harmony.

How does this partnership work?

It works like…a partnership. We are clear and honest, and expect the same from our clients. We will provide references who can help you determine if we are who and what we say we are; we will tell you what we see and understand, and we will proffer recommendations that comport with your preferences, rather than our own. And we are always open to constructive criticism and willing to offer the same.