Overview of Strategy Services

Our Strategy Services set your organization up for success by bringing in objective insights to aid an orderly transition from strategy to implementation. We focus on long term strategy, nearer term strategic plans, and program design to ensure your organization achieves its immediate goals, and eventually, its mission.

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Strategic Planning

Regardless of their mission, without clear strategies that enjoy broad internal consensus, few organizations manage to achieve their goals.

Excellence in strategic planning requires both science and art. No one can jump straight to strategy. We analyze the ecosystem with rigor, pressure test goals until they squeak, measure and negotiate gaps, and only then, set strategy. We then ensure that strategy flows seamlessly downstream to tactical roadmaps. As difficult as it is to acquire technical expertise in this discipline, that is actually the simpler part. We also have to combine skill with judgment and experience to offer clients the complete package.

Solves for:

  • Shrinking or plateauing of revenue
  • Lack of cohesion between board and/or management team
  • Outdated mission, purpose or products
  • Big goals, but not sure how to get there

OEs technical approach rests on four pillars:

  • Strong research and analysis: we get to know your organization intimately
  • Dedication to stakeholder engagement: we bring in as many voices as possible who need to be heard
  • A phased, disciplined process: we identify external landscapes, internal capacities, goals, gaps, and metrics before we begin setting strategies
  • Judgment and experience: We’ve created and executed hundreds of strategies, as consultants and operators. We ensure that strategies are practical by keeping implementation and execution in mind at every moment

A framework is necessary, but its success requires discernment and expertise. OE principles have led and managed for profits, start-ups, nonprofits and philanthropies. We listen well. We are prudent, and know how to manage risk. We become your partners for the time it takes to set your organization up for success.

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Program Design

Once organizational design is set program design and execution becomes a primary focus. This is where you interact directly with your stakeholders and customers, and where you affect the change you seek in the world.

Solves for:

  • Misalignment between organizational strategy and programs on the ground
  • Inefficient use of resources
  • Lack of clear goal-setting and performance management
  • Lack of momentum
  • Lack of critical resources

OE’s program design practice rests on three pillars:

  • Alignment with overall organizational goals and strategies
  • Hyper-efficient use of all resources, including human capital, intellectual property, and money
  • Efficient performance management to specific program goals

Once a program design is in place, we can be available to help with initial implementation, training, and performance management.

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Business Growth

Any organization knows the gap between projection and reality can be vast.

Whether allocating the annual resources of an established enterprise or preparing to launch an innovative idea, leaders must be able to prioritize and sequence activities and expenditures across core functions.

Solves for:

  • Lack of clarity between management and board about resource requirements per period of time
  • Long term strategic planning that is disconnected from the operational budget
  • Management team conflict that is based on differing views of operational reality

As business leaders who understand the power of effective business planning, we have seen time and time again it is the keystone without which there is no clear definition of success shared internally. Without a clear vision, there are different versions of reality, and there is resulting conflict between management and staff. There’s no need to go through those troubles, our Business Planning services are designed to effectively allocate resources to allow you to reach your desired objectives to achieve your mission.