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Hire for Character

What executives so often get wrong about talent acquisition. Many years ago the CEO of an American Fortune 50 company told me that for the first twenty years of his career, he optimized for skill set in his senior hires. Eventually he realized that, when he had to fire someone, [...]
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How Executive Searches Fail

Spoiler Alert: It's probably not what you think If you ask 100 executives what is most likely to cause underperformance in an executive search 90% will get it wrong. Most don’t realize that a high risk of failure is frequently built into their processes before the position is even publicized. [...]
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Call it What it is: Power

By Arthur Combs THESIS We have observed that defining power, methods of sharing power, and reinforcing these practices through meaningful performance management, can be a starting point for greater productivity, talent retention, and workplace wellbeing.    CONTEXT Consensus over command-and-control. It’s become axiomatic that many Global 500 companies are finding [...]
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