Meaning and Work Series: Kim Gilmore

… We continue the Meaning and Work series with Kim Gilmore. 


“Just jump in and think about meaning, in everything you do.”


What she does: Kim helps bring history to life by creating memorable television programming and paired content. Her passion for history and humanity is expressed through shining a light on untold stories of people— the famous, the infamous, and the everyday.


How she got there: Passion and luck.

After college, Kim took a position as a fact-checker at The Nation magazine. For one of her early assignments, she contacted a NYU history professor with a specialty in criminal justice reform. Following an unexpectedly dynamic conversation, Kim realized she wanted to pursue a PhD in History, and would ultimately work closely with the same professor. This chance encounter catalyzed Kim’s career as a passionate storyteller with a relentless focus on change and impact.


Her work today: as Senior Historian at HISTORY & the Director of Corporate Outreach at A+E Networks, Kim leads community outreach for the global television network and drives projects that vivify the past, connect people in the present, and preserve narratives for the future. She collaborates on public history programs and projects, like Save Our History: Voices of Civil Rights, and works hard to provide a platform for extraordinary everyday people to tell their stories.


“Everyone has a story, and by telling it, you are keeping it alive.”


Where Kim finds, and makes, meaning in her work:

  • Finding good people to work with. “Never underestimate the importance of a culture of integrity and values in how you treat others.”
  • Environment matters. “Beyond the work itself, a kind and humanizing place can be a defining ingredient.”
  • Think about meaning in everything you do. “It doesn’t matter what it is you do, finding meaning starts by thinking it.”


Advice for Meaning Seekers:

  • Find people who are doing interesting things. “Reach out to them and make connections.”
  • The first step is jumping in. “Find out how people got started and don’t be afraid to start at the entry-level.”
  • Read and explore, and see what you feel connected to. “​Find the thing that you are excited about, there are endless directions to go.”
  • Focus on what is possible. “Never take for granted the small things that could have a big impact.”


Food for thought: We are in a media renaissance, and are surrounded by meaning.

Thoughtful videos and articles are easy to publish on the web, especially with platforms like Buzzfeed and Medium. Take advantage – there are many points of entry to tell your story and share your ideas. Focus on finding your right audience.


What Kim would do if she weren’t doing this: Investigative Journalism.


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